Outliers Mastering is a new audio mixing and mastering service from Samurai Music Group.

Professional sound for a price accessible to all.


Standard Mastering
Stem Mastering (Up to 8 Stems)
Full mix and master (8+ Stems)

Bespoke pricing for your project. Get in touch for a quote.


All mixing and mastering by Sam KDC.

Sam has mastered music for artists including;

Ancestral Voices ∙ Answer Code Request ∙ Anthony Linell
Arnaud Le Texier ∙ ASC ∙ B Traits ∙ Denise Rabe ∙ Eomac ∙ Eusebia
Flaminia ∙ Killawatt ∙ Kwartz ∙ Lag ∙ Last Life ∙ Laura BCR ∙ Lussuria
Nastika ∙ OAKE ∙ Pact Infernal ∙ P.E.A.R.L ∙ Pessimist ∙ Presha ∙ Psyk
Stave ∙ Swarm Intelligence ∙ Tapefeed ∙ Torn Relics
Trepaneringsritualen ∙ VSK ∙ Zed Bias

All lacquers for vinyl pressing cut by Stardelta Mastering.